How To Use Cleansing Conditioners And Their Benefits

If you have never used a cleansing conditioner before, then you need to realize that you will need to use more of the product then you would normally use if you were using a regular shampoo. This is because a cleansing conditioner will typically not contain any laureth or lauryl sulfates. These ingredients are known as lathering agents. They are what produce that nice lather we often associate shampoos and soaps with.

Due to the lack of lathering agents, you will have to not only use more of the product than you are probably used to, but also work harder to get the product into your hair and scalp. This is completely normal and natural. After you have lathered and left the cleansing conditioner in your hair for a bit, you simply rinse it off. If necessary, you can wash your hair a second time with the cleansing conditioner.

Another important thing to keep in mind with cleansing conditioners is that they are very mild cleansers. If you have very greasy or oil hair you may need to wash your hair twice with them. The mild cleansing agents are not any less effective at cleaning your hair. These are gentler and may require two washings. They also have another benefit which is not removing excess oil and helping to retain the natural shine and moisture of the hair.

A good cleansing conditioner to try out for the first time is called Wen. It was developed by a famous hair stylist called Chaz Dean. Wen is made with 99% all natural ingredients and is safe and gentle enough to be used for all hair types. This includes ethnic hair types.

The ingredients in Wen include herbal extracts such as wild cherry bark extract and chamomile extract. These ingredients naturally soothe and strengthen the hair. Gentle cleaning agents such as cetearyl alcohol alcohol will also gently dissolve oil and buildup but not strip away too much oil that leads to dry and thin hair.

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